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About Us

Top Sales & Marketing was established by Davis Lester Clarke in 1987 to distribute quality products that are innovative and provide solutions to problems that we all encounter.

First he started to import products for the construction industry. His father being a carpenter and with Lester having worked the tools for several years he understands the challenges of the construction industry plus the ever increasing demands of today.

Top first imported products from Europe, Asia and the USA. Now almost 20 years later 95% of all products distributed by Top are from the USA and Canada.

In 2007 Top made the decision to secure distribution rights for green building products. The demand for GREEN solutions in the construction industry has come about due to consumer demand and in response to a range of new laws at the national and local level to encourage sustainable business practices. Times have changed and Top is moving with the trend.

Top has a very straight forward approach when evaluating new products.
1. Products must provide solutions to current market/consumer problems.
2. Products must be tried tested and proven in performance.
3. Products should be simple yet deliver.
4. Where possible products need to be environmentally sound and safer for all people.
Davis Lester Clarke believes that innovation and forward thinking is vital to survival and securing future opportunities. Top is now manufacturing the OZFORMZ. This product will replace timber form boards minimizing timber wastage, increasing work efficiencies and saves money for the contractor.

New products are being introduced. People ask Top to find a solution to their immediate challenges in their business. Hence the introduction of organic release agents made from recycled cooking oils, non acidic concrete dissolving products, power blankets for the precast concrete industry and more.

Traditional cleaning chemicals that are used in everyday life are generally toxic and unsafe for people and the environment. After much study Top has secured the distribution rights for green certified cleaning chemicals from Canada. All products are certified by Environmental Choice and Green Seal.

Top has now established a distribution base in Melbourne, Australia. After Six months, strategic trade distributors have been established in several states creating immediate sales success.

Now in 2008 Top is working to establish strategic distribution partners in Hong Kong, South Africa, India and the Middle East. Also Top is working as a procurement agent for companies.

About Davis Lester Clarke
Davis Lester Clarke is an interesting Character. His wife would say that he is a real man. He is an alpha male to a certain degree. From a business perspective he has investment skills and entrepreneurial business skills. He is an accomplished speaker and business strategist having spoken to business groups in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Australia, Hong Kong, USA and New Zealand. He has four years military experience, serving overseas in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. On leaving the military, he pursued a career in sales and marketing with a Japanese multi-national.

In 2000, he was instrumental in establishing Industry New Zealand (Central Government Agency) with other selected business leaders. As Special Projects Manager and Business Development Advisor he was highly regarded by the Deputy Prime Minister, who would often seek his intervention with companies from around New Zealand that required his assistance dealing the challenges of business.
Above all else he is a family man. He has a great wife that supports his entrepreneurial ventures. On top of all this he has 6 children, Three boys and girls aged from 9 -20 that create a lot of energy, laughter and noise around him.
Core Values
Davis Lester Clarke is a Christian and is governed by Christian principles in all that he does. He may not always get it right but he strives for excellence in all his endeavours. He is black and white when it comes to doing what is right relying on the tenants from the Bible as his guiding values to his work governance and all relationships.

Contact Details:
Davis Lester Clarke
Top Sales & Marketing
Agents & Distributors Ltd
Cell Phone + 64 21 93 93 90
Tophalf Distributions PTY
Ltd ABN 68126723377


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