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Construction Chemicals & Adhesives
These hydraulic expansion cements from the USA are used for anchoring and patching. They are great alternatives that replace epoxy resins and polyester adhesives when anchoring bolts, starters, machines etc into concrete. When increasing the opening of the holes you increase the loading abilities of the products due to the increased hydraulic force.
Activated simply by adding water these products require no chemicals/solvents to activate or to clean up.

Organic bond breaking release agents that are environmentally friendly.
Enforce Products - Bio-Concrete Form Release. A release agent that is formulated to meet the requirements for concrete pre-casting and forming. Enforce works in all weather conditions and complies with all local, state and federal V.O.C. and air quality control regulations

The Duckbill Deck Wrecker is a monster of a tool.
It sits on the joist and has two legs that straddle the joist and slip under the board you’re removing. With almost 1.5 meters of leverage, it is easy to pry up the old decking boards, progressing along its length every one or two joists. You stand on the old section of deck and pushor pull on the handle of the Duckbill up, thus prying up the old board in front of you. With the Duckbill Deck Wrecker you can push or pull to generate leverage as the Duckbill has a head that easily rotates 180ş

Apache by Conqra
The Conqra Apache is a free control vapour barrier slip joint for penetrations and pile capping. The Conqra Apache protects and seals the penetration inlet during construction

Loop Rope
"Just like the guy next to me at the disposal station, I was struggling to untie a rat’s nest of knots in a rope holding down my tarp. Being a guy not good at tying knots in the first place, it occurred to me just how useful a rope would be with hitch knots in it whereby I could zip tie them together to create the tensions I needed to hold stuff in place." Jeff Dahl

the Stir Whip
Revolutionary Mixer & Stirrer -- allows the user to quickly mix or stir Liquids, Paints, Glues, Epoxies, Compounds, Concrete and more...

Orange Crete Brushes
Orange-Crete brushes are the best in the industry for applying most all decorative concrete stains and water based sealers and waxes. The Orange-Crete brushes unique Exploded GF Split Fibers are specially designed to “wick-up” and hold liquid allowing the user to disperse the suspended material evenly over the surface making the application much more productive than any other conventional brush on the market Best of all the fibers don’t shed on your newly stains or sealed floors!”

Reusable boxing and form boards for the concrete contractor
The OZformz® are made in NZ with the permission of Mike Lane of Plastiform, USA. The OZformz® are re-usable boxing or concrete form boards made from virgin HDPE. The OZFORMZ® system uses a cam-lock to hold the boards in place eliminating the need for fasteners. This makes set up and breakdown of your formwork several times faster than conventional wood or metal forms or concrete boxing boards. Providing they are looked after and the contractor uses Top ˝ E46 organic release agents they will last for several years. Use the OZformz® to form your straight and curved sidewalks, foot paths, walkways, cycle ways, golf cart tracks and drive ways.

Labour saving bracing system for concrete shutters and boxing form boards
The adjustable Kicker is the only steel brace that attaches to wood or steel forms and can be used on dirt, wood, or concrete surfaces. It eliminates the inefficiency of wood bracing resulting in higher profits. The quick adjustability allows for a faster, straighter wall line with zero waste, increasing production between 30-60%. With three standard and custom sizes available, it can withstand up to a 2 ft of 60mm pour. When the job is complete, it detaches and folds down for the next application

Vorta Brush
The Vortabrush cleans drilled holes in concrete and masonry for installation of wedge or epoxied anchors. The Vortabrush was invented by an ICC/WABO Special Inspector and is preferred by contractors, testing agencies, architects and engineers.

Super-Krete gives you a range of products to meet the challenge of any concrete repair or Beautification project.  

Non Acidic Concrete Dissolver
Concrete Dizzolver is a non acidic and VOC compliant liquid that eats away the cement binding agents in concrete. A great product for removing hardened concrete from all surfaces. The big benefit is that this product is not an acid.

Rubber Sidewalks are high-density paving tiles made with recycled California tire crumbed rubber combined with polyurethane binder and colorant, then molded with heat under compression. This produces a strong and durable part that meets all requirements of sidewalk-worthiness, including stable grade, non-vibration in compliance with ADA requirements, and high coefficient of friction for non-skid both dry and wet. Rubbersidewalks are available in various sizes and colors, and are reversible. Known life per face is minimum eight years. Actual life per face is not known but is expected to exceed 12 years.

Enviroguard, Solutions For Environmental Issues
Enviroguard is an innovative and environmentally sound disposal method of waste water and concrete slurry. The Enviroguard chute rinse system is easily installed on to all ready mix concrete trucks. It is well built, simple to use and inexpensive to maintain. With environmental standards and regulations steadily tightening opperators are no longer permitted to dump dirty water and concrete slurry on to the ground or near fresh water ways, storm water systems or sewers. The Enviroguard system improves truck turn around times and efficiencies.It collects all waste water and concrete slury, removing risk of penalties and fines from regional authorities.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products
All we do and have done for 15 years is engineer and manufacture proven safer cleaning products. We are not like other companies who have only recently introduced GREEN products. We are specialist!Our products are independently certified by third parties. Green Seal, EcoLogo and Environmental Choice.They are – PROVEN – Competitive in Performance and Price – Environmentally Sound – Safer for people.
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The Brugo Mug
Tea and coffee. It's not just for breakfast anymore. Take your coffee or hot brew with you anywhere, anytime, but keep in control with your BRUGO Travel Mug. It's simple. In today's fast paced environment, what better way to get control and look cool than with your own BRUGO Travel Mug?

Deck Cuts – End Cuts – Metal Wizard & WOW!
Revolutionary Coatings for the Construction Trade and the DIY market—designed to prime the end cuts of lumber and decking material... and helping preserve wood warranties. All of our products are environmentally friendly and contain either trace amounts or zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in keeping with our commitment to developing products for a cleaner planet

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